The main types of markets for betting on Sbobet Online

The main types of markets for betting on Sbobet Online

October 9, 2020 Off By admin

Hello football lovers, meet again with the admin who this time will explain the types of online soccer betting. Watching a football match without making a bet will certainly feel empty and less exciting, right? Well, the admin wrote this article with the hope of helping you beginner bettors in understanding the types of online soccer betting.

The main types of markets for betting on Sbobet Online

In online soccer betting, the first thing you should know is odds & kei. Odds is the multiplication and kei is the bet amount that must be paid. Actually the odds & kei do not differ according to the admin, depending on which type of odds are used. In Bandar Sbobet the odds used are indo odds, indo odds has 2 types, namely positive odds and negative odds.

The usual positive odds are colored blue or black, wherein you place a bet on positive odds you will get a kei. While the odds are negative if you place a bet, you must pay kei. For example, there is positive odds with a value of 1.25 and negative odds of -1.09. If you place 100k at positive odds you only pay 100k and win will get 125k, and if you place 100k negative odds you have to pay 109 to place a bet.

Bet on Soccer Betting

It’s easy for the value of 100 thousand kei to be worth 1 thousand rupiah. Did you get here that you already understand odd & kei? If so, then proceed to the types of bets available on the following online sbobet site:

  • Full time

Fulltime means full time, where the sbobet soccer bet type has a betting time of 2 x 45 minutes.

  • Half time

Half time means half half, the type of bet that is only for the first half.

  • Handicap / HDP

The handicap found on sbobet means voor / por. The main market in football is this handicap, of course those of you who have often played land gambling already understand this.

  • Over Under

Over means up, while under means bottom. This bet type is required to guess the total goals of both teams regardless of the match winner.

  • 1 x 2

1 represents the host, x represents a draw and 2 represents the away team. This type of soccer bet is required to guess which team wins or draws regardless of the handicap.

  • Odd Even

Odd means odd and even means even. In this type of soccer bet, the bettor is required to guess the final score of the match that will end with an odd or even score.