How to Play 2 card Domino QQ on a Poker Site

How to Play 2 card Domino QQ on a Poker Site

December 14, 2020 Off By admin

How to play 2 card Domino QQ on a poker site? Betting games using Domino cards or often referred to as Snake Cards may be familiar to Indonesians who really like betting using real money.

Domino cards are commonly used for people who want to play “Kiu-Kiu” bets. In a regular domino qq game, 4 cards will be distributed by the dealer to the players. This time we will discuss how to play the Domino qq game which only uses 2 (two) domino cards for 1 (one) player at the Trusted Domino QQ Agent.

How to Play 2 card Domino QQ on a Poker Site

This Trusted Online Domino QQ game guide is played using a small card with a red circle in the middle of the card. The maximum number of players in this card gambling game is eight.

On online poker sites members are allowed to choose the betting table they want to enter in advance. There are many choices of betting tables that have their respective bet values. And Member / Player can choose the table they want to enter and join other players who have already played in the room.

How to Play 2 card Domino QQ on a Poker Site

When the player has entered the desired betting shirt, the player must choose an existing place or seat and sit down and then he can follow the Trusted Online Domino QQ bet in the room.

Each round the Member / Player is required to pay table money and each table money is different. But this is also seen from the room with how many stakes are entered.

When the player has sat down and followed the bet, the players will be dealt 2 domino cards by the dealer. Yes, the Domino qq game only uses two cards.

In each domino, a value is determined by the number of red dots on the card. The player must count the total number of red dots from the cards dealt by the dealer.

In this Trusted Online Domino QQ game the highest score is Kiu / Q or 9 (Nine). If the value is above nine, for example 10 (ten) then it will be considered to be 0 (Zero). Meanwhile, the value of 11 (eleven) becomes 1 (One), the value of 12 (twelve) becomes 2 (two), and so on.

How to Play 2-card Domino QQ on a Poker Site

Easy right? indeed poker is the most popular card gambling game in Indonesia, but domino qq is also no less fun to play.

This is more or less how to play 2 card Domino QQ on a Poker Site. Then what if the two Player scores are the same as 9 (nine)? Will the stake on the table be divided? Of course not, because if a case like this occurs, then the Player must see whose Balak Card is bigger because he will win the bet.