Here are The Best Types of Bets on Online Soccer Betting Sites

Here are The Best Types of Bets on Online Soccer Betting Sites

September 22, 2020 Off By admin

Soccer gambling is never ending to discuss. Apart from the popularity of this sporting match, soccer betting also provides great benefits. But it all depends on each bettor in implementing a playing strategy in soccer betting.

On this occasion the admin will provide the best types of soccer bets that you can bet on online soccer gambling sites. What are the bets? Let’s just look together the explanation below.

Here are the best types of bets on online soccer gambling sites


Handicap is a term in online soccer gambling betting, in our country it is better known as voor. Actually this type of handicap bet exists in all types of sports games or sportsbooks, both live and virtual sports.

There are 2 types of handicaps, namely European handicaps and Asian handicaps. The difference between the two is that the European handicap provides the market only at home-draw-away. While in Asia we can choose the type of handicap that we want. The handicap market is the type of market most interested in online soccer gambling sites bettor, because it is safer to play on other markets.

·Over Under

Over under has the meaning of up and down. In this type of bet the bettor is required to guess the total goals of the two teams that will be over (over) or under (under). For example, the match between Team A vs Team B you choose over 2.50, so to win the bet you must have a total of at least 3 goals for both teams.

For this type of best bet online soccer gambling, it doesn’t matter which team wins or which team loses. Only the total goals you need to win the bet. This bet type can be your option if you are in doubt in choosing a team through the handicap bet type.

·Odd Even

Odd has an odd meaning, while even has an even meaning. In this type of betting on the best online soccer gambling, where you have to guess the score that ends in the position of the odd number of goals.

To make it easier for you to bet on odd events, the admin recommends looking at the previous matches played by the soccer team.

·Mix parlay

Mix means mix or combine and parlay means multiple. So the meaning of the mix parlay itself can be concluded as a mix / combination of several teams to generate multiple profits. This type of bet on this online soccer gambling site has a huge following. And it is a bettor’s favorite in making bets, because with a small capital you can get many times the profit until there are thousands of times.